What's New in Version 4

MemoriesOnTV has been evolving over the years. Here are the highlights of the new features that we have added in Version 4:

Smart Compilation of Slideshow

Generating a DVD slideshow is alot faster with smart caching of files. MemoriesOnTV will only rebuild those albums that have been modified since the last video generation, thus saving considerable time.

Face Detection

We have added a face detection algorithm to the program. With this, MemoriesOnTV can automatically zoom-in to the faces within a photo to highlight the subjects, saving you the trouble of having to do this manually. It can also do a smarter panning/zooming effects automatically, by cropping away the background and other less important regions while leaving the faces intact.

Masking and Overlaying

Mask and overlay your photos and video clips to decorate them with frames and borders. Add special visual effects like giving them burnt edges. Use the pre-built masks and overlays that comes with MemoriesOnTV, or add your own customized masks and overlays (which are 32-bit images to provide semi-or-fully transparent borders).

Motion Menu

Wow the viewers of your DVD slideshow with motion menus. Set video clips to the menu thumbnails and/or background and let the menus come to life. You can also harness the power of masking and overlaying to your menus to create a cool-looking theme.


Give your slides and menus a 3-D feel by adding realistic looking shadows. Combine shadowing and masking/overlaying to give your project texture and depth.

Supports Extensible ClipShows

With ClipShows Volume 1.1, you can now add new images to certain ClipShows. This way, the sequences you built are not longer limited to the number of images in those ClipShows.

Updated Burn Driver

Updated Native burn driver supports more drives, and works with 64-bit Windows too.