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What can MemoriesOnTV do for me?
MemoriesOnTV lets you create slideshows from your pictures and video clips, complete with simplistic yet elegant panning/zooming effects, sophisticated transitions, and background music. The slideshows are created on VCD, SVCD or DVD and are playable on most commercial DVD players for easy and convenient viewing with family and friends on the living room TV.
Does MemoriesOnTV work with my CD-Writer and/or DVD-Writer?
The disc burning engines in MemoriesOnTV support many CD and DVD writers. However, for a small number of drives there may be driver compatibility issues. To be certain, please download the trial versions of our software and see if you can create a playable disc with your setup.
Why do I get redirected to SWREG.ORG when I try to buy your products?
SWREG.ORG is the vendor that we use to handle all our online purchase processing. They have been around for a while and have been providing secure online purchase processing services for developers.
Can the video discs created by MemoriesOnTV be played on my DVD player?
To play VCDs, the DVD players have to be VCD-2.0 compatible. In addition, they have to support playing CD-R/RW media. Most DVD players will work fine. Also, many DVD players these days can recognize and play SVCDs too. For the DVD video discs, the players must be able to read the type of writeable DVD media on which the slideshows are created (DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW).

You can search the following list from to check for your player's compatibility.

Again, the most certain way to check whether it works on your setup is to try creating video discs with the free evaluation versions of our software.


Can I rename my albums or re-order them?
Yes. Select the album you want to rename or re-order. Click on the "Pen" button to rename it, or the "Up" & "Down" buttons to change its position.
How can I move my photos from one album to another?
Simply drag the photos across to the destination album & drop them there.
I checked "Store Original Pictures" when creating the disc, but can't find them after burning.
You original pictures are stored in the "DATA" folder on your created video discs.
How can I synchronize the video & music so that they end at the same time?
The easiest way to do this is to do a auto-sync. From the MUSIC panel, click on the "TOOLS" button, and select "Auto-sync all music & slides".
What is PAL and NTSC? Which should I choose?
PAL and NTSC are video standards used in different countries. NTSC is used in North America, Japan, Korea & the Philippines. Most other areas of the world use PAL.

If you have a multi-system DVD/VCD player, it doesn't matter which option you choose.

When I open up my PTV project file, I don't see my photos. What's wrong?
Your PTV project file stores references to your photos & music using absolute file paths. As such, you cannot access your PTV file via "Network Neighborhood" or copy it to a different computer.

If you have MemoriesOnTV Pro, you can select "File -> Archive Project" from the menu. This will save your project and the referenced files to a ZIP file, which can then be copied over to a new computer. You can continue editing on the new computer by unzipping the ZIP archive.

How can I create multiple discs of the same video without regenerating each time?
Select "Generate new video" in the "BURN" panel to generate just the files for the video disc. The files will be stored in the output folder specified near the bottom of the window.

To burn the created image file, simply load the previously generated disc image using "Burn existing video into CD", and set the video folder accordingly.

You can also use a 3rd party burner that supports the BIN/CUE format (for VCDs/SVCDs) or the DVD VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS subfolders.

What is a good resolution for menu backgrounds?
MemoriesOnTV will accept menu backgrounds of any size. For best effect, your backgrounds should have a 4:3 width to height ratio. We recommend a resolution of 768 x 576.
Can I set a different picture to be used as the thumbnail for the album in the menu?
Yes, you can do that by clicking the right mouse button on the album in the Project Panel and select "Set Disc Menu thumbnail". A new window will pop up allowing you to select a customize image for the thumbnail of that album.
Can I preview my slideshow without watching through everything?
Yes, all you need to do is to switch to the TIMELINE view. Click on the second rightmost button on the top toolbar to switch to the TIMELINE view.
My preview is very jerky.
This will happen when you're running on older computers, or that your computer is running many other tasks. Try to reduce the size of your preview window, and it will be smoother.
Can I re-edit my Multi-Pictures slide once it has been rendered?
Yes. Double-click on the multi-pictures slide video clip, and go to the GENERAL tab. Click on the EDIT button there.


My CD/DVD writer is not listed in the drop-down list of Disc Writers.
The most likely cause is that your writer is not supported by our built-in drivers. There are 2 options:
  1. If you have a licensed copy of Nero, MemoriesOnTV can burn using Nero drivers. Select "Edit -> Preference" menu and click on the "BURN" tab. Under "Burn Driver", select "Nero" instead of "Native".
  2. Many 3rd party burning application can burn the video generated by MemoriesOnTV. You can try to see if your burning application (eg. the one that comes with your drives) will work.
When I insert the disc into my DVD player, it says NO DISC.
Chances are your DVD/VCD player doesn't support playing of writeable CD or DVD media.

You can search the following list from to check for your player's compatibility.

My created video files in the output folder are unusually small. I cannot burn the CD image, or I can burn but it doesn't play.
The most common cause for this is due to a lack of hard disk space.

MemoriesOnTV requires slightly more than 2 times the space needed by your CD image. For example, if you are creating a 500Mbyte CD, you should have about 1.1 Gbyte free hard disk space in the output folder which you save your video files to.

The reason for the above is because MemoriesOnTV creates temporary MPEG files for your albums before they are finally assembled into the video CD image.

When I play the video discs on my DVD player, all it does is to show me a menu with a small thumbnail of my 1st picture.
You are looking at the menu page for all your albums. For (S)VCDs, you need to press on "1" on your DVD remote to start playing album 1, or "2" to start playing album 2, and so on.

For DVDs, you need to use the arrow keys on your player's remote to highlight the album, and press "enter" to start playing the album.

How do I know if I have created my video discs successfully?
For VCDs, you should see the following folders in Windows Explorer when you insert your CD into your PC:

For SVCDs, you should see the following:

And for DVDs:

Why can't I hear the audio from my .mov video clip that I have added to my slideshow in the created video disc?
In order to extract the audio properly from a .mov video clip file, you will need to have QuickTime 6.0 or above installed using the "Recommended" settings ("Minimum" installation will not include the audio extraction features).
I'm getting no audio from my imported DV video file.
Chances are you've captured your DV as a Type-1 DV AVI file. MemoriesOnTV only supports Type-2 DV AVI file. You can use the following tool to convert from Type-1 to Type-2.
I can't play my webshow. After uploading the htm/swf/flv files, the player only shows "loading..." and does nothing else.
You webhost could be running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0. It doesn't stream FLV videos by default. It needs to be told to handle FLV files as streaming media. Refer to the following link for more information on how to do that.
I can't access some of the pan/zoom controls. They seem to get squished and cut off by the edges of the window.
You are probably running your Windows display at a large DPI setting. MemoriesOnTV is designed for running on a maximum display DPI of 120. Do lower the DPI settings and you should be able to see all the controls.


I have lost my serial number.
You can use our support tool to retrieve it.
How do I retrieve my serial number from my registered copy of MemoriesOnTV?
Go to the menu item "Help->About MemoriesOnTV ...". The "About" box will pop up and in it you will find your serial number.