Feature Comparison

MemoriesOnTV is available in 2 editions: Home & Pro. Here are the feature comparison:

Quality Transition Effects
  • Elegantly crafted transition effects to add that professional touch to your slideshows.
  • Effects are customizeable to add variations.
  • Also supports and includes Bitmap mask effects, allowing you to create & add your own transitions with Photoshop.
Enhanced Panning/Zooming Effects
  • Settable panning, zooming, rotation and transparency for individual slides.
  • Add multiple keyframes to your photo timeline for that sophisticated motion.
Face Detection
  • Detects faces in photos and zoom-in to them automatically.
  • Avoids cropping of faces during automatic pan/zoom.
Masking and Overlaying
  • Reshape your slides or add borders and other effects via masks and overlays.
Shadow Rendering
  • Add realistic looking shadows to your slide and menu items.
Advanced Audio Support
  • Add background audio tracks for your slideshows.
  • Smooth transition/merging between background audio and video clip audio.
  • Attach audio file to individual slides.
  • Mini Audio Editor to help trim segments of audio files for use in the slideshows.
  • Enhance audio tools to synchronize groups of slides or auto-trim silence.
Enhanced Video Clip Support
  • Transition effects work on video clips.
  • All Panning/Zooming settings including opacity are supported.
  • Oh yes, rotation of video clips too :)
Text Caption with Effects
  • Text captions reside on independent layers.
  • Independent effects for each text caption.
  • Can persist across multiple slides.
Customizeable Disc Menu with Motion
  • Motion menus for DVDs
  • Create 1 or 2 level disc menus.
  • Rearrange and edit elements on the menus using the powerful built-in editor.
Smart Compilation
  • Only rebuild those albums that have been modified since the last video generation, thus saving considerable time.
ClipShow support
  • Assemble slide sequences from pre-built ClipShows, which are segments of pre-choreographed mini-slideshows.
Multiple Pictures (Layers) Slide
  • Layer multiple pictures/videos on a single slide.
  • Pre-built effects to create interesting slides from multiple media files.
  • Enables creation of slideshow-in-slideshow.
  • Fully customizeable for that sudden creative storm.
Archive Project
  • Tool to ZIP up your project for easy migration onto another computer.
  • Great for archiving old projects.
Custom Watermark
  • Overlay your company's logo on the slideshows.
  • Creating interesting mask for the slideshows.
DVD Subtitle
  • Add DVD subtitles that can be turned on/off via remote.
  • Great for ID-ing pictures in the slideshow for reprinting
Additional output formats
  • Export to web slideshow (Flash format) to play back on most web browsers.
  • Export to AVI using installed VFW codecs.
Save as ClipShows
  • Save segments of you own slideshows as ClipShows for use in future projects.
TMpgEnc Hookup
  • Able to use TMpgEnc Plus for encoding video (Needs separate installation of TMpgEnc Plus encoder).