Creative Slideshow for BUSY people

ClipShows are essentially templates for slideshows. They contain graphics, stock pictures, effects and even audio clips that are pre-arranged into interesting slideshow segments. You use them in your slideshow by replacing the stock photos with your own, add new clips, or by inserting the originals "straight up" into your slideshow without further customizations.

Using ClipShows, you can compose entire slideshows quickly and easily. Use them as starting points to jumpstart your slideshow creation process. Get new ideas on how to compose your photos and video clips in creative ways.

Check out the following clip to see what ClipShows have done for us:

Get Started Now!

Volume 1.1 and Volume 2 of our Clipshow packages are now available.

Using ClipShows

In MemoriesOnTV, you can load a ClipShow by clicking on the "Create Slides from ClipShow" button as shown:

Locate the ClipShow file (the .ctv file), or click LIBRARY to access the files in the ClipShow packages that you may have installed. Select a ClipShow file to load it.

Once you have loaded a ClipShow, you will see the ClipShow editor window:

Replace the default pictures with your own, click FINISH and MemoriesOnTV will generate all the necessary slides. That's it!