About Us

CodeJam Pte Ltd is a tiny company based in tiny Singapore.

It is said that limitation is the source of creativity, and that couldn't be more true for us. Our small size forces us to think constantly about creative ways to streamline our processes and workaround problems, problems that don't bother big companies much. It also forces us to focus on our users. While the big companies churn out software products in a factory-like manner, we hand-craft all our software with our heart and soul. In short, we work harder to serve our users.

Thanks to our family of loyal users, we have been profitable and debt-free since our inception in 2002. We aspire to continue our tradition of caring for our users and employees. Life is too short to be just about making money.

Company Registration No: 200210123R.


CodeJam Pte Ltd
261 Lavender Street #02-01,
Singapore 338794
Republic of Singapore

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